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Our curriculum has been perfected to provide you the most expert knowledge and hands-on training in the shortest amount of time!


You'll learn to sew on an Industrial Sewing Machine!
Canvas Sewing

You'll learn special canvas sewing techniques used by marine canvas fabricators!

Sewing Marine Canvas
You'll learn to make custom canvas products from scratch! Canvas Snap Tool

New students benefit by taking home practice-projects that they have made!


Custom Canvas Training
You'll learn how to fabricate boat canvas frame systems! Boat Frame Benders
You'll learn precision fitting techniques for Custom-Canvas fabrication and... Covers and Training'll see alternative methods of production-style patterning. Canvas Patterning
You'll learn advanced techniques of custom canvas fabrication! Camper Enclosures
Learning to do Marine Upholstery is fun and rewarding! Learning to make marine upholstery
You will work on an actual customer's boat, a different boat each class!
Boat Canvas Covers


VIEW» See actual Projects completed during class!

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